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History of Devonwood

Devonwood, once the grounds of a 1926 vintage stone mansion owned by John Warwick, a Florida pioneer, was subdivided in 1962. John Warwick's mansion was designated as a historical landmark by the Metro Historic Preservation Board in 1982 and is currently owned by the Dougherty's.

Devonwood was developed by Harrill C. King and marketed by Dooley Realty, Inc. King's company put in roads, electricity and water and also built the first house for Joe and Bobbe Dooley in this hammock and grove area. Wild monkeys, foxes, bobcats, raccoons and oppossums roamed the grounds.

Although the monkeys "had to go" because they rang doorbells and stole porch lights, it was Harrill King's concept to maintain the area's natural beauty. This unique concept of development sought to preserve as much as possible: every vine, bush and tree. Many Devonwood homes are literally scupted in the native foliage and coral rock.

Through the years some lots were sold and a few other contractors built houses. The area of Devonwood was expanded to the north side of 131st Street.

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